ACO Tractors:

Where the past meets the future

Enhanced performance & support.

The legendary ACO series of tractors have been servicing farms across South Africa for more than 30 years.

However, with the closing of the ACO factory, the tractors have been unsupported. With the introduction of new technologies, they’ve also become lacking in capabilities.

This no longer the case. We now offer existing and new ACO owners a cost-effective way to renew their machines, ensuring they conform to the latest agricultural standards.

Our ACO tractors are redeveloped to be capable of modernised farming.

ACO 460 specifications

  • Engine
    ADE 443Ti – V10 Diesel Twin Turbo, 460kW (625HP), 2580NM @ 1400RPM
  • Transmission
    Twin Disc 2612, Powershift Electronically Controlled
  • Axles
    RABA 694 (Front and Rear)
  • 3-Point Hitch
    Double Acting, Category 4N with Quick Hitch Coupler
  • PTO
    Hydraulic, Type 1 and 2 (selectable 540rpm or 1000rpm) up to 130kW

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Teardown inspection

Teardown inspection

The ACO 460 is back at KH Plant for a thorough teardown inspection and documentation. Even though the testing phase highlighted many positives, we also identified areas for improvements and enhancements which are now being attended to. Once the modifications are completed we will return to the field for test phase two which will include endurance testing. We are also bringing interesting additions to the project and we’ll share this information soon.

The end of Phase One testing

The end of Phase One testing

The first phase of the testing is now complete. The purpose of this phase was to test the integration of various components and capabilities, and to understand the tractor’s basic field performance. For the field testing we connected an 11-tine 650mm chisel plough to the 3-point hitch. The transmission control were calibrated in conjunction with active hitch control modes, and with the additional functionalities the resultant benefits are substantial. The tractor’s field performance is now maximized by continuously balancing the available drawbar power with the required implement operating depth. Another significant improvement realized is the improved weight distribution of the…

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